Friday, March 17, 2017

The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 metacognitive

In chapter 4 we finally learn some more about Gatsby's past and where he gained his wealth from, He claims his money came from his wealthy parents who are now decided, and as he tells his past we learn how lavish his life was and it sounds very very similar to everything that Fitzgerald wanted in his life, but as nick doubts him so do we, Is what Gatsby tells nick true? and if he lies than how how did he get so wealthy and what is his life actually about? We also see that Gatsby has the power to make the police turn a blind eye, How did he gain this power and how will he use it in the future or how has he used it before? We also meet Meyer Wolfshiem who is a shady character who may be involved with an underground crime organization. And we also learn that Gatsby may have earned his wealth from this underground crime, It makes us wonder who is telling the truth about Gatsby and why would Wolfshiem lie? We also learn that Gatsby is security in love with daisy and plans on meeting her trough Nick by having nick set up tea with Daisy and Gatsby will show up. Is Gatsby only using nick for his own personal gain? and will nick continue to help him because he knows that Tom is Unfaithful to daisy and maybe he thinks she'll be better off with Gatsby.

The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Metacognitive

In chapter 3 we finally meat Gatsby the rich neighbor of Nick, He invites nick to on elf his famous parties so they can get to know each other better. We read how all these parties are set up and makes you wonder how much they cost Gatsby to set up and how he actually benefits from them. We see that at the party Gatsby doesn't drink and actually sits in the corner alone at his own party, It  makes me wonder why he doest have fun at his own party, And is the reason he throws these extravagant parties to have people over because he is actually very lonely and has no friends? We also meat lots of other characters like Owl Eyes and we wonder what role he will play later on in the story other than a drunken party goer?

The Great Gatsby Chapter 2 metacognitive

In Chapter two Tom and Nick go to Ash Valley to meat Toms mistress, This chapter makes me wonder a lot of things about Tom and Daisy's relationship, In chapter one it appears that Daisy or at least Jordan knows Tom is Unfaithful however daisy says nothing. And Also we see that Tom beats his mistress. And in chapter one we know daisy had bruises on her body so did tom do this to her? And also we see that nick is unfazed by the fact that tom is cheating on his cousin daisy. Is this because he is afraid of Tom or he just doesn't want to be involved? And also why does Tom bring Nick in the first place?

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Great Gatsby Cover Analysis

  • The eyes have people curled up inside them what aren't noticeable unless you look very closely 
  • The blurry images on the bottom can be made out to be city lights and bill boards you would imagine in like vegas.
  • The woman has no facial features other than eyes and a mouth 
  • A paradox I've found is that the woman appears to be crying however he's face shows to emotion of sadness, nor any emotion at all. 
  • What will be this woman significance in the story? 
  • I imagine she will be one of Gatsby's wives or another woman in his life who is important to him. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Nash Milligan and Kassi Robinette Harlem Renaissance Project

  • This video is our American Literature project about the Harlem Renaissance 
  • People should know that me and Kassi took the picture of the guitar and music sheet and we also drew the image of the horn.
  • I want people to focus on the theme behind the video and how jazz was an escape in the Harlem Renaissance for African Americans. 
  • We hope that people will gain an understanding of the happiness that jazz music brought.



Poem- Jazzonia by Langston Hughes Link

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Chapter 6-7-8 Metacongitive

  • Pancakes had white goo and egg shells in it
  • Sleeping at the kitchen table on homework with cold coffee next to her,
  • Things where sprawled everywhere 
  • One toothbrush shared between 5 kids
  • Two rocking chairs from Macy's that the mom saw John F. Kennedy Rocking his kids on 
  • An old Television that hardly ever worked and the kids whereat allowed to watch it 
  • They handed off one clarinet in the hallways 
McBride uses diction to suggest that his home is hectic but also compassionate

No wonder the mother Didn't want to talk about her father, he rapped he practically every day and was a horrible father, Its so sick and disgusting that he did this to his own daughter. When the KKK rode through their town he didn't even know who they where while everyone else ran in fear. Tatted kept a gun underneath the counter just in case anyone came in trying to cause trouble. Does the horrible things that Marilyn went through like her boss dying and her son being murdered effect how she treats James and other colored people 

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Chapter 1 Metacognititve

The mothers english is bad and she seams to not want to talk about her family at all. She was forced to change her name several times, once when she moved to Virginia from Poland and again when she was 19 so that way she could live the rest of her life in peace because she was a jew living in the time of World War 2. Once she got married the parents practically disowned her and she was no longer a jew, Is this because her husband is black and the parents don't condone this? but why did they do everything they would have if she actually died? How did the mother and father manage to escape Poland even while the mother has Polio. What did the daughter do to her mother that she regrets?